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Our Story


At Jeunifique we believe that true ageless beauty begins from within, flowing from inner health and paving the way for youthful vibrancy.


Inspired by this our founder believes in embracing a holistic lifestyle and skincare infused with whole botanicals and natural ingredients to support ageless beauty from the inside out.

History has given us the beauty secrets of the ancients: rose and milk from Persia, turmeric and sandalwood from India and green tea and rice from Japan.  From ancient times, until today, whole botanicals and natural ingredients are cherished for their beautifying properties. We’ve infused ancient beauty traditions and knowledge into scientifically formulated age-defying skin care that will give you both inner health and wellness and glowing, luminous skin. It is this marriage that reveals true ageless beauty.

 Jeunifique is exactly what the skin needs, and nothing more. We have sourced the most potent whole botanicals from local, conscious growers to create our scientifically-backed, performance-based formulas that deliver skin-beautifying and anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and peptides, for full-spectrum skin nourishment.

Our products will deliver radiance, clarity and brightness in skin care of exemplary quality that promotes wellness, long life and ageless beauty, and is completely free from artificial fragrances, colours, sulphates, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and any other toxins.


Humble Beginnings


Jeunifique is the culmination of a vision that our founder, Ayesha, had influenced by the natural lifestyle choices and the beauty they bestowed. From a young age, she became a curious and passionate skin care connoisseur, forever trialing ultra-premium products, and giving reviews and recommendations to her friends and family.

 While pursuing a successful career in consulting, Ayesha has seen the skin care industry evolve over the years with the focus turning from chemicals to botanicals. However, she often finds that products with these nourishing natural ingredients are outside the reach of most. Jeunifique is the result of her passion to create a luxurious, broad-spectrum skin care range that would be nutrient-dense and active whole botanicals, but still be kind on the wallet.